March 22, 2013

35 arguments in favor of Google Glasses -Part 3-

And finally, my last 15 arguments in favor of Google Glass, inspired on Edward Champion's "Thirty-Five arguments against Google Glass". If you haven't read the the previous ones, you can go to the first part of this article.

It will turn more strangers into stalkers. "
This is a common concern with geo tag applications like Foursquare, and it could be actually dangerous if used without proper care on who we share the information with, same applies to Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. Also, just like with Foursquare, you choose when and if you want to share your position.

Foursquare has demonstrated the convenience of this kind of Apps but it takes it to a whole new level... they are great because they allow us to share information about good spots in the city and therefore, it makes easier to find the best places around just by checking the reviews, and since the users are the ones who posts locations and reviews, it is a more reliable way to find "hot spots" compared with regular advertisement. 

Also the ability to help you find your nearby contacts has other potential users, from finding your date on a crowded place to always keeping "an eye" on your children when they are at the mall. Yeah, it is an expensive gadget to give to your kid, but I'm sure there are plenty of parents who would appreciate the possibility to know were they're children are and maybe even what they are looking and hearing, this is priceless to prevent child abductions and abuse! if you are a worried parent, just think about the possibilities. At the same time glasses could provide useful signals for children, warning them not to cross the street, touching something or simply helping them find they're parents, because children also get scared when they notice they are alone and can't see were they're parents are (usually pretty close by of coarse).

One can even develop an App that will help you find potential stalkers! Glasses can recognize people, and they are good to remember peoples faces, so if they see the same person over and over, an App may be created to alert you something like "hey, this guy is always around, do you know who he is?" or if you have already tagged a stalker, it might be able to alert you if he spots him or her.

It will create more cyber-bullying and stress. "
Cyber-bullying (and regular, old-school bullying) has always been around, and not only on humans! I have a beautifull 7kg (big and strong) tabby-orange cat called Midi, he is so sweet... with humans and relatives (my other 5 cats) but he is a bully with strange cats! He is very territorial (even though he was castrated a long time ago).

On the other hand, one can use Google Glasses to help you find guidance and/or help if you have problems with a bully, if you are careful you can also use it to gather evidence against him or her and use it to get help, maybe even a restrain order (depending on the authorities criteria).

It could make you more willing to believe lies. "
It all boils down to each individuals criteria, but on the other hand, having a device that allows you to verify data by automatically and manually "googling" everything you see and hear will start creating the habit of always "backing up your statement" or double check information you've just heard or read, and this is a very good thing for man kind in general, we really need to do this more and stop spreading or believing unfounded data, just because you watched it on TV, read on a magazine or heard from someone (even if it is a teacher), I'm not saying that internet it's a 100% trusted source of data, but you can cross-reference data to be make it more likely to be accurate.

It will create more needless distraction. "
Or might help the use stay more aware of his or her surroundings, actually there are plans to make Apps that will use the technology to help blind people be more aware of they're surrounding  using the GPS and by being able to recognize things, it could give sound cues to make them more aware about what surrounds them, also help them avoid crossing red traffic signals and many other dangers to help them navigate safely around the streets, even on places they don't know making tourism a much more comfortable experience.

Google Glass doesn't use traditional headphones but it uses a technology called Bone induction, so it transfers audio directly to your inner ear without blocking your ears so it doesn't interfere with our natural sound source position awareness, this is a great thing for all users.

It will expand the Streisand effect to an unprecedented level. "
The Streisand effect is a curious modern phenomena, the mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto has learned it the hard way, several times (he likes being consistent hehe) creating trending topics on Twitter and other popular social media networks, maybe the worst was in the "Universidad Iberoamericana" incident were in an attempt to manipulate media, students started a national movement callled #YoSoy132, and maybe the Google Glass would open the door to such Streisand effects, but it is up to each person's criteria to consider exposing things like authority abuses or lies a good or a bad thing...

It could prevent people from discovering themselves. "
Or use it to change your life completely and start something new, something you actually enjoy, like a famous video blog. This happened to Shane Dawson, and his story is a great example of how social networks can create new ways for artists to express themselves and make a living out of it, even people close to him like Shanna Malcolm has started a new life thanks you the opportunities this kind of technology opens.

It will discourage people from seeking unfamiliar viewpoints. "
Or give people the opportunity to see the world from someone else perspective, it could be an artist, reporter, child, teenager, sky diver, rappel professional, etc. Eventually there will be a wide collection of videos from all kinds of people allowing us to see the world from a different perspective, this will help us better understand each other, and it is one more step towards a much more united world.

It could create another place where advertisement takes over our lives. "
Maybe, but it could choose "useful advertisement", based on our preferences, habits, location... depending on the Apps we use and the information we choose to gave them.  also I'm sure there is going to be "Add-Blockers" for those who doesn't want to be disturbed by publicity (no matter how well chosen it is).

It will create needless competition over who has the most worthwhile life experience. "
It is true that people are always finding excuses to compete... and competing about who makes the most out of they're life, might not be a bad thing if done with responsibility and kept positive, encourage people (especially Geeks, who are the first ones targeted to get one) to get out of the couch, go outside and think of new ways to create a worth-sharing moment... Doing exercise, seeing the world and at the same time staying connected just like they want. Even some especial video games could be developed to work on glass and encourage people to go out and do "real-life" quests... finding hidden virtual objects, or performing all kind of things on the virtual world placed on top the real one... much healthier than just staying home in front of a screen, and it has more substance and challenge than anything you could do with any in-door console. Imagine getting enrolled on a game which has hidden virtual clues on the public areas throughout  the city (or even the country). Gyames like this will promote people knowing they're city and going to other city's to try the quests or advance in a national quest, or even international for those who travel a lot far and wide... Everyone wins right?

It will discourage people from striking up conversations with strangers. "
Or connect us all to a whole new level... let's get this pretty far to glimpse the big picture here, currently handouts support 10 people, so you could gather with people from other 9 different country's, start a hangout and each one share something, and they could understand each other thanks to speech-to-text and Google translate, all done live, just like Google+ with the translate app.

It could discourage companies from hiring people. "
Or allow people to be productive from day 1 on a new job, imagine a salesman who knows all the prices, all the storage inventory, remembers all related merchandise, all the offers, all the policies and even recognizes all the frequent customers name and preferences... now imagine all your employees are like that, even the new ones... This is possible with Google Glass, the right Apps and enough personnel to keep all your customers happy and well attended, yes, Google Glass it's expensive, but it is a great investment for many stores that will pay itself from better employee performance and will also please the customers.

It will create unfair advantages for online retailers. "
It is more likely to create new ways for online retailers to show they're merchandise, imagine you see something you like, but it is not inside a store or it is not for sale... but you liked it!, well Google Glass may find it for you and tell you the people who are selling it, how far they are and the price of each one.

It could usher in a new form of vertical integration and that does not compensate talent. "
Living only on what you get out of Add-Sense or YouTube is not easy at all, but there is so many people out there that it is natural that the scene is quite competitive, but the internet is a fast ever-growing source of viewers and it is an always open chance for anyone to show they're talents to the world.

It will make driving dangerous. "
One has to be very responsible when using this kind of devices, writing on the mobile phone while driving it's a very bad idea, also changing the radio station, air conditioner, etc, but one can create some "driving" profile, to turn off e-mail and social media alerts and tag you as "busy" or "driving" and start the GPS, also it doesn't require you to stop looking at the road to check the map and signals, also it has voice control and text to speech features, as an added bonus, it is possible to create devices to make your car "Glass compatible" and give you information about your vehicle like the alarm if you are away from it or the current speed and how much fuel you have left, also alert you from engine problems, it is also possible to install infrared and give you proximity alerts, along with the actual distance of the object, maybe even a rear camera... there are endless possibilities for car accessories made for Google Glass users.

It could attempt to erase people in need from existence, as well as serious problems that we cannot ignore. "
There are lots and lots of people around the world who feels that no one understands they're point of view, no one knows who they are, etc. Google Glasses can open new ways for this people to conect to the world, to meet others and to express themselves in new ways using networks like YouTube, Google+, Facebook and having Google Hangout. This could make some people realize how valuable they are and how they can contribute and connect to the world.

This are just a few examples of how this technology could benefit a lot of people and help to make even deeper positive changes in society, arts, science, healthcare, sports, journalism, government and people all around. It will be very exciting to see all the unexpected uses people find for this to push the reach of the technology even further.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much a I enjoyed writing it, and I really want to thank Edward Champion for inspiring me and I hope that people who share his fears find some insight between the lines of this article, I also hope they inspire other developers to help creating more Apps that will enhance the applications for this device in everyone's benefit.

Good day everyone, and thank you for your time.

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