March 19, 2013

35 arguments in favor of Google Glasses -Part 2-


Let's continue (hopefully) having fun with my 35 arguments in favor of Google Glasses, inspired on Edward Champion's "Thirty-Five arguments against Google Glass". If you haven't read the first 10, you can read the first part of this article.


It could be hacked. "
Even though this is possible, same applies to your mobile phone, digital camera, laptop, email, Facebook, etc... It is also important to note that Glasses, so far, don't store data like your mobile, it is more a broadcasting system, and it is possible to intercept and decode a Bluetooth transmission, but it would be much more useful to go for your mobile instead than intercepting your camera feed and GPS location. And hacking the service won't be any different that stealing your Google account password, I use the word stealing since it's almost impossible to hack Google in a traditional way, with a creepy guy watching letters of code on a second screen and running a program the "deciphers your password number by number" this is movie stuff, usually a hacker or a cracker (very different things by the way) would trick you into making YOU give him your password by asking you to register into something else or with a fake sign-in page.


It will discourage anonymity. "
One of the first things I always hear about using Google Glasses as a camera is "but I won't appear on the pictures!" and one can always log-in using a Nickname and you choose which things you choose to share. Also, the current social trend is trying to escape from anonymity, this is a very competitive era for most professionals who are trying to stand out above the rest, since it is now possible to work online, artists and professionals now need to face international competition so they have to be creative and show they're talents to the world. Also, the popularity of the social networks shows that lots of people doesn't want to stay in the shadows, they want the world to notice them (for good or bad).


It isn't distinct enough from the body. "
If I go visit my grand mother wearing Google Glasses, the first thing she will notice right when she sees me at the gate, is that I'm wearing some Glasses, and close, she will notice the weird looking glass over it and the camera on the side and will definitely ask me what is that all about...

Google Glasses are designed to be comfortable I imagine James Bond trying to use Google Glasses as a hidden camera and expecting no one to notice it... especially for the red blinking light. Still, if you feel that your Glasses are not obvious enough, you can always make a shirt that says something like "Check it out! My Glasses has a camera and I am broadcasting live on YouTube" on the front and the back, that should do it. Or maybe you want to please "Stop the Cyborgs" and put something like "Warning! Cyborg broadcasting live on YouTube" you can even add some blinking lights on it... damn, now I want Google Glasses AND a cool "Look, I am a Cyborg" shirt... if you have kids, chances are that they will LOVE the idea or RoboDad or CyberMom.

It could give the police far more details about you than you can possibly know. "
Besides what I already post on YouTube, Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc... police has access to my public records and that's from your personal address all the way to criminal records, and more if a judge asks for it. Also, most people are not wanted criminals who needs to keep what they are doing (and themselves) hidden in the shadows.

On the other side, you can use them to show the police illegal activities, and help make your living hood a safer place. I live in a Mexico, and I know a lot of people who would wear them to be more protected from police abuse, like the people from the movement #YoSoy132 who would love to get the chance to use Google Glasses as a tool to expose authorities, and there are many other counties with social problems (like Egypt) that could be frighted in part by simply exposing what can be seen on the streets.


It will discourage kindness and respect. "
It is true that some people can be rude with they're cameras, paparazzi's are a great example of a somewhat irrespectful use of a camera, and I usually understand artists complaints, and sometimes I feel they deserve some of the aggression they receive, but not everyone is like that, I remember having more trouble with strangers trying to appear in the photo than people getting mad at me because I am taking photos or videos. Again, there are places to do so, it is forbidden to take pictures and/or videos at some public places and there are signs posted on the walls. Also filming you inside your property without permission might be illegal in some places.

On the other hand, Google Glasses are an extension of the social media, which it's breaking lots of boundaries like social, geographical, cultural and even language (Google translate currently supports 64 languages) all this is bringing people closer than ever before, opening the path for a more pacific and united future for humans.

Artists will be held more accountable for material that “offends.” "
Artists are (or trying to become) public figures, and as many have learned the hard way, they must be very careful about what they do in public and specially what they do on-stage. Also, in any kind of artistic expression, chances are that some people will find your work offensive. Michelangelo's work on the Sistine Chapel was once found offensive and he had to censor his work because the pope had a different point of view. Even today, you will find a lot of people who will find it offensive, but that doesn't mean it's wrong.

On the other hand, artists can find many ways to express and share they're art with the introduction of this new device, just like the camera did, and the video camera, and even mobile phones with cameras are a basic tool for modern artists who explores new ways to create art, a clear example would be Shane Dawson who is very skilled at producing some of his very popular content for YouTube simply using his iPhone.

It may kill off what remains of the movie-going experience. "
Recording movies at the cinema is a criminal offense in most places, and chances are that the cinema won't let you use Google Glasses while inside the movie. Also it is not a very good idea since it might distract you from the movie. Of coarse some people doesn't care and do annoying things like using mobile phones while the movie is playing, even texting can be annoying for other people since the screen is very bright and the cinema is very dark.

Oh the other hand, if someone is going to be reading things from a mobile phone inside the cinema (which is rude), it is way better to do so using Google Glasses since the light probably won't bother the rest of the audience, or at least, not so much.

It will create problems with consent. "
This again falls back in the user's responsible use of the device, and the same applies for pretty much anything, even a rock on the floor could be used for the wrong things. But Google Glasses, just like most cameras, has a red blinking light that let's other people know when the device is broadcasting. Again, if you don't like being taken on video, avoid public urban areas, they are filled with cameras! stop signs, ATM's, malls, streets, mobile phones, helicopters... (and some of them are even fed directly to the police). Maybe better stay indoors, some satellite with a high resolution camera might be looking your way, no wait! some what about IR satellites in surveillance planes? Hmm... go deep underground, remember simple holes on the ground are not good hiding places anymore... if someone had just warned Saddamn Hussein about it.


Cool places will be outed by boors. "
I don't think Google Glasses will attract poorly educated individuals to cool places at all, but some of the people who goes to cool places might be wearing a Google Glass and share the view to the world, it might be used to show the beauty of some natural places to help spread the importance of protecting it's beauty without the need to carry heavy equipment. The people at National Geographic might find it really useful.

It will discourage people from paying attention."
Most people are very bad observers and can be easily distracted by less imporant things, Magicians use this human quality all the time. Machines on the other hand, are really good at paying attention, and Google Glasses can help you notice relevant spots and find useful information about your surroundings, especially when you are at unfamiliar places, so they might actually help people pay more attention on the details that might otherwise pass ignored.

The final 15 arguments will be discussed on " 35 arguments in favor of Google Glasses -Part 3- "

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